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    "Bedtime Stories" is a wonderful movie. Even though it was originally made for kids I think parents love it just as much. I love the whole theme or idea of the whole movie. I love this movie so much because it reminds me of my dad, my brother, and me. When I was little my dad always told us bedtime stories, so whenever I heard about this movie I couldn't wait to see it. This has been my favorite movie because "Bedtime Stories" is funny and very exciting. I recommend this book to everyone.
    About 7 years ago
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    I believe that "Because of Mr. Terupt" is a wonderful book. They plot structure is amazing. This has been my favorite book I've ever read because I love all of the main characters, Mr. Terupt, Peter, Luke, Jeffery, Anna, Danielle, Alexia, and Jessica. When I was reading the book all I wanted to do was read the whole thing. If I sat down and started reading, without any interruptions, I could probably read the whole book in one sitting. I believe the part when Mr. Terupt goes into the hospital is the climax. My favorite part is when Alexia, Danielle, Anna, and Jessica are in the same room where Mr. Terupt is laying in his coma. "Because of Mr. Terupt" is sad and happy at the same time. I recommend this book to everyone who loves to read and everyone who is looking for a great story.
    About 7 years ago
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