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    A terrible misfortune has washed upon the fairy-tale world, and only Conner's short stories can save them. Alex and Conner go on a thrilling adventure while travelling through Conner's stories using the portal potion, and recruiting characters for the army. They even go into an unexpectedly creepy tale, written by one of their classmates. A fantastic story filled with pirates, robots, mummies, and even zombies, there are enough twists and turns to make your heart pound. Grade A.
    9 months ago
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    9 months ago
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    It was just great. A poor squatter genius named Max idolizes Albert Einstein. She does not know anything about herself aside from her name. She goes to College in New York, and some agents named Charl and Isabl take her to the CMI, in Jerusalem, to compete in a contest. The contestants are the eight smartest children in the world. Max is very uncomfortable, because she never had any friends her age. But she becomes deeply attached to some of the children there. They take the first exam, and Max barely answered any of them. She decided to just quote Albert Einstein. Charl and Isabl asked her why she answered nothing, and she just replied, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Isable chose to fire back, "Is that why you showed very little knowledge on this test?" Max told them that they shouldn't have the smartest kids in the world cooped up in exam rooms shading circles, they should let their creativity flow with a tour around Jerusalem. Charl and Isabl agreed, and they took a guard named Yahav with them. An incident happened when Max and her friend got separated from the group. They finally found each other, and Yahav said they just got a little lost. They started to be suspicious to Yahav now. Yahav was actually a henchman working for the Corp, the bad guys. He put a tracker on Max Einstein to know where she was. The day of the second test came, and it had a time limit of eight hours. Max finished in twenty minutes, by just answering the last two questions. Charl and Isabl again questioned her on why she only answered the last two questions. She said that the last two questions were like a shorter version of the rest of the questions. When the day of the judging came, Max won, naturally. She would have to go on the field and work with a bunch of grown ups. She requested that she'll be able to work with the kids she had grown so close to. They picked a project and began working on it. What happened next? Well, that's for you to find out.
    9 months ago
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    By James Patterson, Chris Grabenstein
    9 months ago

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