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    I honestly think this is a REALLY GOOD idea! Last year, my dad had a HUGE tomato garden. It may have been something with the plants, but a lot of our tomatoes were weird-looking. I've even picked a huge one that looked like four tomatoes GROWN TOGETHER! I used to think, "Oh, these probably won't taste good" because of the rest of the garden and how plants got infested easily, but I was wrong. They actually taste better than the regular tomatoes we got in the beginning. Maybe the rest of the world will see that, too.
    About 6 years ago
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    I saw three dresses: the one in the middle, there's a black and white dress to the left, and I see something that looks like a dress to the right. That's why I'm always confused. Which dress??? I showed the picture to someone colorblind and they said red and green o3o
    Over 6 years ago

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