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    I picked up this book at my school library because I needed something for the coming week. It was a great mix of sci-fi, dystopian fiction, and a tad of horror. It follows Devin, a boy who must migrate to the city after his grandfather dies. The earth is much different, however. The rich have taken advantage of everyone else, and ruffian gangs fill the streets. He seems to be lucky when he is taken into the Gabriel B. Penn Home for Childhood, where there is lots of food to eat, toys to play with, and nice clothes to wear. But something seems off, and Devin starts to wonder who's childhood this home is for. A fast-paced thriller for middle-grade readers.
    1 day ago
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    I found this book at my school library and picked it up because I needed a book to read. It turned out to be so much more than a time-filler, however. The story begins with Jenna Fox, who has just woken up from a year-long coma. She now lives in a house in California with her parents and grandmother, who do not let her leave. Jenna is regaining her memory and she starts to find herself again, find out what happened to her, and who she really is. A great book for middle-grade readers who love a mix of sci-fi and realistic fiction.
    2 days ago
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    I read this book because it's on the 2018 Battle of the Books List, and it definitely belongs there. The book is written in verse and follows Nick Hall, a soccer superstar, and his best friend Coby. They both get extremely excited when their teams are invited to a big-deal soccer tournament, but Nick's life is changing in big ways, and he has to learn how to cope with disappointment, books, and girls. I recommend this for all middle-grade readers, whether you like sports or not. This novel has most definitely earned it's spot in Battle of the Books.
    2 days ago
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    I discovered this book about a year ago and wanted to read it all school year. Finally, I got to read it a few weeks ago, and it was most certainly worth the wait. It begins by telling the story of the Yanakakis family, the most famous and rich family on the earth. They are living in an underground compound, however, because of a nuclear attack 6 years ago. 6 years in a compound is driving Eli's father insane, and Eli and his sisters realize that they need to get out. This book is a thriller that keeps the pages turning. It's slightly morbid and it's a long wait for the book, but definitely worth it.
    8 days ago
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    I found this book in the new section of my school library, like a lot of the books I read. It started with the quite unique character of Talia "Tally", the girl who wears ringtail lemur necklaces and Save the Squids tees, with her friends Sonnet and Caleb, "Spider". The best part of the story was definitely Ava, head "clonegirl", who has anorexia, an eating disorder. She exercises all the time and almost ever eats, which Tally gets really worried about. Then, Ava threatened to blackmail Tally if she told anyone. This book is a great look at eating disorders, which are way more common than you might think, and friendships in the midst of middle school. I recommend this book for all middle-grade readers.
    10 days ago

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