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    This book is about Duncan. Duncan is having a problem with his crayons. Each crayon writes a letter to Duncan. We enjoyed this book because it's hilarious! One of our favorite parts is when the shy peach crayon does not want to get out of the box! Read the book to see why. Also, we like the part when orange and yellow crayons are having an argument because it is funny! We think you should read this book because it will make you laugh.The Day the Crayons Quit is an amazing and radical book for kids of all ages!
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    I like this book because she tries to save the world by setting Toady free which is Sink's pet and stink is Judy moody brother which was not the best idea because Sink gets mad and Judy gets in trouble by her parents and they say to go to her room. When Sink finds out that she is in a tree she says that this is her room and where she is living!!!!!!! Read this book to find out if she really stays in a tree or not if yes then how does she pull it off? Find out in another great book of Judy Moody!!!!!!!
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