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    The Dowdel siblings didn’t really want to go to their grandma's house but they still did. Their grandma was a bit of a weirdo. So they thought they would just stick through it. They also thought they would try to have a good time. They weren’t sure of a lot of their grandma's decisions. One example is the mouse in the milk. Another example is shotgun cheatham's funeral. My last example is when they stole or “borrowed” the boat from the sheriff. But they had fun in the end. That was a short summary of A Long Way From Chicago. I just read a book called A Long Way From Chicago. In my opinion it was really good. One reason I think this is a good book is because it is very exciting. My favorite part of the story is when they had the funeral for shotgun cheatum. My least favorite part was when she lied about the mouse in the milk. Out of five stars I would definitely say this book was a five star book. This was one of my favorite books ever. I can’t wait to read the sequel. I recommend reading this book. It is really good. That is my opinion on A Long Way From Chicago.
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