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    (WARNING THIS REVIEW HAS SPOILERS ) In this breath-taking book, Joey and Mary-Alice go over to their Grandmas’ every summer. Their Grandma isn’t any ordinary grandma. Grandma lives in a small Illinois town. In the beginning of the book they don’t want to go over to grandma's house. Joey hoped grandma would win so Joey can ride in the plane since Grandma wouldn’t want to ride in it since she was too big/old But the big problem was that Grandma didn’t win the pie contest. So she didn’t get the ribbon. But wait grandma has a blue ribbon on her head she put on at the house So she pretends she won and was able to get Joey a ride on the plane. Joey can’t be more happy with the plane ride grandma gave him. Also in this book there were some horrible things like in one chapter the Cowgils blew up Grandmas’ mailbox and tried to steal Grandma's shotgun. You will learn more about this when you read the book. This was my summary for the long way from Chicago. Now I’m going to state my opinion on this novel called Long way from Chicago. It’s a novel our class has read. I thought this novel was pretty good. I thought this because MOST of the chapters were Interesting. My favorite chapter would be Chapter 3 A one-woman crime wave. Then Chapter 7 Centennial Summer. I thought this because they were both pretty interesting. My opinion to rate this novel would give it ⅘ stars as I said earlier MOST of the Chapters were good but some weren't the best. but, If you're someone who likes Historical fiction novels then this book may just be for YOU. This is my opinion over the novel Long way from Chicago. One of my friends said about the book that he really liked this action-packed novel. Here is a quote from the novel “The years went by, and Mary Alice and I grew up, Slower than we wanted to, faster than we realized”
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    Marie Alice and Joey go to their grandma’s house every summer. They lived in Chicago and would ride the train every summer to grandma’s house. Some summer they didn’t want to go. But then they loved all of the adventures they had there. One summer Grandma , Marie Alice and Joey went fishing and used a fish cage which is illegal. There were also some police there but they were drunk. After that they caught Grandma and she escaped. The last summer they were there,there was a talent show and Anne Marie was in it and was wearing Grandma’s wedding dress and won the talent show. That was the last time Joe was there. Where did Joe go? The novel we read was called A Long Way From Chicago. My opinion of the novel is that it is a good book. I think this because there were a lot of different adventures and many where grandma breaks the laws. My least favorite part of the book was when it ended. Now Joe isn’t going to come back for a while or he will never come back. I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 star. I rated it this because some of the book was a little boring. I would recommend this novel. I think people would like it because some people like the same kind of books as me. That is my opinion over A Long Way From Chicago. I reached out to some other classmates and they said that The book was a pretty good book but the chapters were a little long. Another friend said it was too hard to follow along. Some authors say the book is very good and they enjoy reading Richard Peck's books.
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