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    This book is absolutely incredible! I really loved this wonderful tale of the Penderwicks. The story is so intricately woven, so much that it kept me interested all the way through. I love the storyline, how it seems so much like real life, but not enough that it’s not interesting to read about. All four of the Penderwicks sisters and Jeffery (and Hound) have their distinctive personalities that make them who they are. How Skye stands up for her beliefs, how Jane has a superb imagination, how Rosalind has a big-sister personality and a loving heart, how Batty loves animals, how Jeffery is kind, and how Hound is... well.... Hound. You will love this story, every minute of it, like something soft to wrap around yourself and hold close.
    9 days ago
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    Well, I, for one, love the way Riordan mixes the modern world with the ancient one of Greek mythology. After reading this book (and series) I learned a LOT more about Greek mythology than I had before. Percy Jackson is a funny, risk-taker, brave character in this book. Riordan really shows the personalities in synchronization with the old myths of the gods and monsters of the Underworld. I’d never thought of there being demigods, children of the most famous twelve Greek gods and goddesses, children with the personalities of the gods themselves. Percy may give the impression of someone who dosen’t know much about the Greek world, but when it comes to saving those he cares about, he’ll do anything to help. This book is funny, woven with just the right amount of seriousness, betrayal, mystery, and overall, the mix of two well-known worlds.
    9 days ago
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    This book was pretty funny, yet it was kind of strange. I liked the illustrations; they really helped to tell the story. I think it’s very funny that the author and illustrator are actually in the book, and they have to write a book in order to get it to their publisher (although I doubt that he or she has such a big a nose as Mr. Big Nose!). Andy and Terry are very funny, and I’m not exactly sure how they’d build such a large tree house (13 stories, as you can tell from the title). Even though it was good, it took me only, say, twenty minutes to read this book. It isn’t one I’d recommend for a long read.
    9 days ago
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    This book is extremely well written and funny. This book and series are among my favorite books, and considering all the books I’ve read, that’s a high honor. I especially enjoy the clever plots that Artemis Fowl II concocts to gain knowledge of the Fairy People and their gold. Holly’s daredevil attitude and her excellent ability to handle situations under pressure makes this book breathtaking and exhilarating. I admire Butler’s supreme soldier’s initiative and ability to protect Artemis as well as to go along with his plans to figure out the underworld secrets of the People. Mulch Diggums, too, is clever, but in his own way. His... er... interesting method of transportation and escape is funny to read about. And Artemis! His plans are clever, some parts of it not even the centaur genius Foaly can anticipate. His mother in a state of disrepair, his father gone missing in Russia, he puts his evil ploys together to restore the Fowl family fortune. This book is so witty, funny, serious, suspenseful, and it kept me wondering: What will come next?
    10 days ago
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