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    Emmy and the incredible Shrinking rat by Lynne Jonell is about a brave girl with some gigantic secrets. Emmy is a beautiful girl and her parents love her very much. When she gets home her dad comes and talks to her about school and then they read books since they live in a bookstore. Now that all happened before the move. The move. A horrible dreadful thing. Ever since they moved her parents have been gone a lot! They also got a new nanny. Emmy goes to school of course but her teacher never remembers her name! Not even the kids in her class can remember her name! Their class has a pet rat. Emmy enjoys her class’s rat. Sometimes she’ll stay inside for recess to talk to the rat. Then once it bit her! She still talked to it though. Once it talked back! Then she brought it home. She fed it peanut butter cups and other things. Her nanny didn’t know about this rat though. One day she met a friend and he had got bitten by the rat once and then right then he got bitten again. The second bite made him shrink so now Emmy had two tiny living things to take care of. She decided to skip out on tap classes and go to some shops. When her nanny came walking by she went into this antique shop to hide. She saw many animals that all had magical powers! And the rat that she is taking care of can talk to her so he said something about his sister in there! She leaves the shop to go home. A few days later her nanny tells her that her parents are coming home soon for a bit. When they get there their nanny makes yummy potato things. Emmy figures out that inside the potato things the nanny is putting something. That is part of the tale of Emmy and the incredible shrinking rat. If you want to know more than I think you should read this book! If you like mysteries this is the book for you. Also if you like funny books this will also be a good fit. I appreciate this book because it is very mysterious and still has some humor in it. That is why you should read this book.
    8 months ago
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