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    The story told in the book The Amnesia Clinic by Jamems Scudamore was told from an unreliable Author, Anti. While reading it I got lost sometimes because in the end you didn’t really know what was a lie and what was true. I kind of understood that Fabian wanted to make sense of his mothers death, but is that the right way? Making up a whole lie about his parents death? I don’t think that's how it should work. Also a friendship shouldn’t be based on lies only, as you see in the end of the book. In the beginning I really struggled to keep on reading, if you got into it once it was still hard but it somehow hooks you up. Because it was described that well you can see the things really clearly. Also the characters got described very well, same with the secondary characters. You can tell their personality and how they behave in certain situations.
    27 days ago
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    By James Scudamore
    28 days ago

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