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    I think I've seen the J-Pod in Puget sound before I moved. Every now and then we would see some killer whales or seals at Puget sound. So to me this is awesome.
    About 6 years ago
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    Its very creative in using local Fairy Tales and Landmarks. In fact this might even be a winter only landmark itself. Also this is accessible during the 1st of January to the 25th of February. However the tour can last up to three days so thy offer you to stay at a hotel and telling by the pictures on website the hotels look very nice.
    Over 6 years ago
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    Attention everyone in HOT places! I'm in a Hot place where its hard for it to snow. And It's a rare chance for it to snow here (Even at 19 degrees) If you live in a hot place where its hard to snow YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT :) Its ridiculous for schools to stop snow days if they are located in a Hot Places, cause the school days should meet OVER 200 DAYS if the weather is like that. However, if you are Online schooled it might be hard to have a snow day unless it blocks your internet connection somehow.
    Over 6 years ago
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    Yes it is. Cause schools have to have schooldays at a minimum(Least ammount) of 180 Days. But again warm places where it barely snows will be least likely to have the snow day shutdown
    Over 6 years ago

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