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    Author:Roald Dahl Reviewed:Mateo (age 10) This story is about a boy called Charlie that loved chocolate but he was poor so he couldn't buy chocolate. He wanted to go to Wonka factory but first he had to find a golden ticket. Will Charlie be able to get the golden ticket? My favorite part was when Augustus falls to the chocolate river. I liked the characters because there are very funny. If you like funny books, this book is right for you. I recommend this book for children between 9-11.
    Almost 8 years ago
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    Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl Reviewed by Tomas Z (age 10) This story is about a little boy called Charlie Bucket that lived in a little house, but fortunately he had WON Willy Wonka's chocolate factory! In the great glass elevator Charlie together with his family and with Willy Wonka, have daring adventures in orbit around the Earth surviving from the knibs. What is a knib? If you want to discover it, read this book and you will find out. I really enjoyed this awesome book because it´s a very adventurous book. It´s very fun the way that Roald Dahl invents words.He describes the characters a lot and I think that all of you should read this wonderful book. I recommend this awesome book to everyone that likes great glass elevators, knids, adventure and fantasy. Once you'll start reading, you will not stop till you finish!
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    The enormous crocodile is a story about a very big and hungry crocodile, that goes to the town to eat many juicy children. But other animals want to stop him. Will they stop him or he will eat some sweet and delicious kids? My favorite part was when the hippopotamus bumps his head against the crocodile’s. I enjoyed this book because it gives you an important lesson of not going in the water with hungry and not so hungry crocodiles. I recommend this book to kids that like Africa and animals. It is for children who are seven or eight years old.
    About 8 years ago
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