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    This book’s genre is science nonfiction and written by Paul P. Sipiera. It’s about black holes, scientist, and other things in space. Black holes are made by a star. The star blows up. It forms a supernova. Also, scientist make super cool discoveries in my book. Our galaxy is called the Milky Way galaxy. There are many galaxies in the universe. The main characters are the black hole scientist that study black holes. These scientist also discover facts about mass, gravity, and our universe. Two key events that happened in the book that added to the plot is a supernova, and scientist. Supernovas added to the plot because when the author described a supernova it kept on popping up in my book. Scientists added to the plot because scientist kept on discovering new stuff. On page 21, one of the scientist did not know that any object can turn into a black hole. But, he changed his knowledge of the discovery when he learned the object has to become small enough and dense enough, and it can change into a black hole. This was from Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. One unanswered question that I’d like to ask the author is, “What is inside a black hole?” What I enjoyed the most about the book is if you were on one of Mars's moons you can throw a baseball and it would most likely orbit Mars’ moon. I would recommend this book because you can learn so much about outer space. You can learn about mass, gravity, black holes,etc. If you enjoy reading and learning about space you would enjoy this book.
    About 1 year ago
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    This book's genre is fantasy and it was written by Thea Stilton. This book is about a group of 7 mice. They are all brave, fearless, strong, caring, and kind. They save fantasy lands when the lands are in trouble. On this journey, they have to save the lands precious lotus flowers! All the creatures need the lotus flowers but the mice don't know that the flowers are being destroyed for a good cause! Their journey starts in the land of Minwa where they meet many mystical creatures. The main characters are a group of friends named Thea, Paulina, Colette, Nicky, Pam, and Will. They are all brave and fearless because they go on journey's where they could get trapped or sick and they can solve any problem! For example, in the book they discover that a creature is destroying magical flowers that keep the land alive and they are risking their lives to save the fairies, creatures, and the land from all dying. Two key events that "added" to the plot is the Thea Sisters split up getting information about the plot and calmed down mean creatures and made new friends. They "added" to the plot because they made new friends who had clues so helpful that they all added up and they were able to solve problems that the Thea Sisters didn't know about. At the beginning of the story Violet was shy even in front of her friends! She was too shy to present her creation to her friends. In the middle of the story is where we saw this change. On page 193, Violet yelled, "If it is you, Umibozu, stop hitting us!" Now Violet is brave and fearless because of her actions. One unanswered question that I'd like to ask the author is did the mice have to save the fantasy land again? I enjoyed it when all the mice joined together as a team again most about this book. I enjoyed it because they all shared their clues and I put them together and made and solved a clue. I would recommend this book because it has lessons on friendship and kindness and that is very important. Many kids would enjoy this book because it built excitement for me and it could for other kids.
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