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    Wonder is One of those books that teach kids important things in life like what is it called again...*a few minutes later* Yes it's a Moral A Moral is when a book has somebody who or a animal that is not capable of doing something others can,and then you learn that No matter what yoU can or can't do your always special and unique. Wonder is one of the best stories with the best Moral or character trait and morals always have a character trait. Wonder is a great book to teach kids about Being different and being kind to others who are different but they are not different there just unique or they just are not there YET. Some people can't do something you can do because there not there YET you will be there one day always remember to be happy and don't treat others differently.If you are the different one Don't worry you'll get there I know it!!!
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    By R. J. Palacio
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