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    The main lesson that is learned in Ginger Pye is never take things to seriously. For example, Ginger saw Jerry walk out the door and wondered, where does he go everyday? Ginger strolls out the door and follows him. Taking things too seriously puts you in the wrong hat. Don't worry, like when Jerry and Rachel didn't worry when they almost didn't get to Speedy's barn on time. The character that learn not to take things to seriously is Jerry for Ginger showing up at school one day.Although, he is small he is mighty and all the Pyes would agree that Ginger is an adventuress puppy. I'd like to report this book as an "8 out of 10." I would recommend this book to people who love animals and mysterious books. An unanswered question I would really like to ask the author is,"Who's hat flew into the reservoir and would this affect the Pye family bringing Ginger home or something to do with the mysterious foot stepper?
    Almost 3 years ago
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    By Eleanor Estes
    Almost 3 years ago

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