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    The main lesson in this story is to try to be glad when your sad. First, when the Glad Game was harder for Pollyanna it would be more fun! Pollyanna would always play the Glad Game when she was sad. Pollyanna even helped other people who are not happy or are disappointed to play the Glad Game. Second, she even taught Nancy ( a maid ) how to play the Glad Game! When Pollyanna wanted a toy doll in a care package from the ladies aid, but instead got crutches, she was blue. So her dad taught her how to play the Glad Game! At first, Pollyanna thought,¨ How could a silly game help me find a way to be happy about these crutches?¨, look at her now, she´s spreading the game everywhere! Third, she finally figured out how to be glad about the crutches! ( The book never said how? ) Finally, I would recommend this book for 5th grade girls because the book taught me to try to be glad when I´m sad, and if you read the book, I hope you will try to! Pollyanna is a tremendous book! I would read Pollyanna again!!!
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