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    The main characters are nelly Cahill, Amy Cahill, and Dan Cahill. At the beginning of the story, Amy and dan’s aunt dies her name is grace Cahill and she was a wealthy person so she hosted this contest with all the Cahill family and the family has over 290 people in their family but a few days before the contest begins grace dies of old through security so they needed a person to go with them. Later in the story, the three Cahills Amy, dan, and nelly are in Italy and they are trying to find the second clue but three teams are caught up with them so they need to be sneaky. I recommend this book if you like mystery stuff and adventures I did this book because I love adventure books and age and dan and Amy get her inheritance so they get her nice mansion and all the money but the contest is about to begin and the contest is all around the world but they don't have a person to go with them to the action and this book have a ton of action.
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