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    This preteen drama set in Anywhere, USA is a classic story of cliques and social hierarchy, nerds, geeks, dweebs, jocks, cheerleaders, brains, and kids from every "planet" in between. Marley happens to be stuck in the middle of the plantary galactic forces as he plods through the perils of Middle School at WARP SPEED. This Trekky teen isn't the coolest kid in school by any means. In his search for significance, he learns some tough lessons about what really matters in life and what doesn't. Popularity maybe overrated, and being invisible might not be so bad after all. Read Warp Speed to step into a world of confusion, weird, awkward, and growth. Growth. What an awkward word that is. Maybe you should pass on this book...or maybe not? Is that you I sense a growing desire to find out more about Marley and his story.
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