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    This article is about a Lego Man that washed up on the beach shore of Florida. The Lego Man is about 100 pounds and eight feet tall with a green shirt and red pants. Police have the Lego man in custody and will hold him until his owner claims him for 90 days. There has been two other Lego men found on beaches in 2007 and 2008. They are unsure who is building and putting these guys in the water. I enjoyed this article because I really like Lego's.
    About 11 years ago
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    The main topic of this article is about a helicopter of the future. It talked about 3 men that built it, and also showed a video. The helicopter has sixteen propellers, and is computer controlled with a joystick. It does not run on gas, but by battery. You do not need to be a licensed pilot. My parents could drive me to school with this new helicopter. This was a cool article.
    About 11 years ago

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