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    is this club active anymore?
    About 1 month ago
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    Some people have siblings who scare them, dress up as monsters, just for laughs, but monsters aren't real, right? Carlton believes EVERYTHING his older brother, Milt, tells him. When Milt dresses up as a monster, Carlton then starts to believe in monsters and is now afraid of everything. When he realizes that no one will catch all the monsters, he decides to be the world's first Creature Catcher. As Carlton is practicing his monster catching skills on his family, his dad finally says enough is enough and forces Carlton to get a job. Meanwhile a kid on the beach eating a Laffy Daffy meal throws a French fry into the water. Which then wakes up a sea monster. When the sea monster raids the burger joint that Carlton works at, it's time for him to put his Creature Catcher powers to good use! Very good book and very cute. Recommended for 6-12 year olds.
    About 1 month ago
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    OMG HI BEACHBREEZE15!! It's been so long since I've been on here but i missed y'all! 1. We were planning maybe a road trip out west to see some national parks, and a trip to see some family, both unfortunately canceled :(. 2. My hair has gotten sO long during quarantine I defenitely wanna get a cut soon! 3. Since I have so much time, I usually eat different things! 4. Not yet! Bonus: I have not, is it good? yayaaya
    About 2 months ago
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    Where, oh where did Flo go? Sam N.'s class is back at it again at Geyser Creek Middle School, trying everything they can do to fundraise after their school's sink breaks (and the sink STINKS, too!). They're hoping to use the help of eccentric designer and friend Florence Waters after she helped them on their fountain. But Flo is nowhere to be found! Principal Wally Russ is also short of cash after he sunk all of the school's money for the sink into Rainy-Day Rainwear stocks, which are PLUMMETING after a new technology of irrigation is introduced and endorsed by the newest senator Sue Ergass! But something suspicious is going on, and it's up to Sam N.'s class to save Flo. I encourage anyone to read this comical and super fun book! In the format of different letters sent, newspapers, and illustrations, this book will keep you turning pages! Also, I loved how every single name is a clever play on words... it's so fun to figure them all out! I recommend this book for middle grades, and I would rate it a 4/5 stars!
    About 2 months ago
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