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    in this book pandora opens a boy's forbidden box and colored bubbles come out and what's weird is when someone touches the boubles it pops and whispers something like vain or rude and changes others attitude pandora is a funny curious girl she is so curious she makes her sentences into questions
    Over 11 years ago
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    Over 11 years ago
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    I have not watched the movie. And I feel like I don't need to. Because the book is so amazing, and beautiful. Suzanne Collins is super descriptive in the book. Yes it may not be super kid-friendly. Because it has some romance in it, but I did read it and I am about 10-11 years old. But it is such a good book. I highly reccamend this book to (at least) 9 year olds. And UP! Sincerely, Awesome Dancer
    Over 11 years ago
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    By Joan Holub, Suzanne Williams
    Over 11 years ago

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