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    Imagine seeing a minotaur chase you well that happened to Percy Jackson. In the book Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. The book starts in school where he starts seeing creatures appearing in front of his eyes. No one believes that his teacher turned into a monster; he doesn’t even believe it himself! When he gets in Camp half blood he finds out someone stole Zeus's Lightning bolt and Percy is the prime suspect. He has until summer solstice (10 days) to go and find it with his accomplices Grover and Annabeth. If they don’t the gods will start a war possibly killing millions of people. He has to go through this journey all the way down to the gates of the underworld in Los Angeles. This journey will face many challenges will Percy Jackson retrieve the thunder bolt and find the true thief before summer solstice or will he not. I think this book is good for people who like action,mystery and fantasy. I recommend this book for 5th graders and above.
    3 months ago
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