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    ***Spoiler Alert*** When I read Way of the Warrior Kid I think that it means that you need to preserve and not give up. In the beginning of the story Marc, the main character in the story, can’t do any pull ups and doesn't know how to swim. Marc wishes he could swim and do pull ups. Later in the story, Marc’s uncle who is a Navy Seal, teaches him how to do pull ups and learn how to swim. I can relate to the story because I have to persevere in Cheer every time my team does our routine. That’s how I can relate to the story. I learned that you have to keep practicing or you can forget. In the book Marc has to keep practicing pull ups and how to swim. This is what I learned from Way of the Warrior Kid. In the book, one of my favorite parts is when Marc learns to swim. He makes a deal with his uncle that by the end of summer he will jump off the bridge with his uncle. By the end of summer, Marc will jump off the bridge, but it took a lot of guts because the bridge was really high up. In this scene he persevered a lot. In the beginning Marc wasn't going to jump off the bridge. In the end he jumped off the bridge and Marc had a lot of fun. I can relate to this because when I was little I went into a lake when ice was still on the water so that took a lot of guts also. Marc changed because he was being bullied at school and did not want to get bullied any more for not being able to swim or do any pull ups. Being bullied was the right motivation to get him on his feet, moving. I hope you enjoy reading Way of the Warrior Kid.
    About 1 month ago
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    This book was so inspiring. I loved this book so so much. The book was my brothers but I took it from him and started to read in and fell in love with the book.
    About 1 month ago

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