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    The book House of Dies Drear is not horrifying novel. The family moves to a building. they figure out the clues. The book was not horrifying. The family found three triangles. They found the last triangles in the Dad office. Mr.Pluto does not act weird in the House. He act`s weird at church. The family see`s Mr.Pluto acting weird in church. I like the book. You should read it. I got scared by Thomas hearing the sounds in the tunnel. I liked the book because it scared me. If you read it you will not stop reading House of Dies Drier.
    Almost 3 years ago
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    This magnificent book is filled with heaps of shocking adventures. However, the House of Dies Drear, at some points is very dull and boring. I was expecting this book to be very frightening but the whole plot of the book was not very creepy or alarming. The House of Dies Drear is filled with numerous adventures. One of them was when Thomas and Mr.Smalls ventured into Mr.Pluto's cave. Another adventure They had was at the beginning of the book. When Thomas went in the tunnels under the house he heard a o'ing sound. One last adventure the Smalls had was when they scared away the Darrow boys. Pluto was sick and the Darrow boys were trying to find the hidden treasure. The Smalls had to help Pluto and Mayhew protect the treasures past. The whole book was fantastic but I was expecting this book to be very spooky but the whole plot was not very creepy. At some points of the book in the book l could tell the author was trying to make it eerie but it didn't work out. Now l can see some people getting scared but to me it just didn't have that effect. Perhaps like at the beginning when it was very slow.
    Almost 3 years ago
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    By Virginia Hamilton
    Almost 3 years ago

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