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    Gangsta Granny is a really good book, its were there is a young boy named George thinks his granny is really boring. She likes to play scramble, eat cabbage and spent time with her only grandson. His mom works at a nail shop and his dad works as a police man in front on a supermarket. One day he went to his Grandma's it was a normal day, Georges grandma goes to bed and he phones his parent to take him home because she was boring. Georges grandma heard his whole conversation with his parents. The next time George went to his grandma he got tired of eating cabbage and remembered hid grandma kept biscuits is a tin on her cabinet so he reached to get it, when he opened the box the're were lots of jewels, George was thinking to himself was his grandma a billionaire or a gangsta. Georges grandma told him all about her stories of stealing jewels and they both planned to steal the crown. Before they did the plan Georges grandma got really ill but did not tell George the truth about her illness. they rode on a old person scooter all the way to the queens home, they hopped into the drains and they ended up meeting the queen! While they where with the queen Georges grandma confessed that she is not a jewel thief and she was suffering cancer. Hope you enjoyed have a great day!
    Almost 2 years ago
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    By Roald Dahl
    Almost 2 years ago
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    By David Walliams
    Almost 2 years ago

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