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    This book is about a boy that finds out his dad was actually magical when he was alive. He finds out that he is magical too. there is a bad group called, "The Bad," and his dad died fighting them. there is this old man that is trying to pull him to one side, he doesn't know if he's good or bad. But, his uncle who knows that he's magical, tells him that he's bad. A bunch of stuff happen, and then one day, the old man is shot, and he tells the boy that he is actually his grandfather, his dad's dad. The boy figures out that his uncle is actually the bad guy. When the plane crashed (the one his dad was in), his uncle purposely didn't do anything about it. A very exciting book.
    Almost 5 years ago
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      Not every useful invention has to be developed over many years and cost a lot of money to make. Sometimes the simplest of ideas, can improve our lives profoundly. All it take...
    Almost 5 years ago

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