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    'The girl who could Fly' was a great novel which kept me hooked on to the very end. Victoria Forester deserves a standing ovation for this masterpiece. It follows the story of Piper Mc Cloud, the girl who can fly and the girl who wants a friend more than anything else (except going to school maybe). After an intentional (at least, on Piper's side) revelation of Piper's flying to the extraordinarily ordinary folk of Lowland country, Piper as shunned as ever for having an extraordinary gift in a perfectly ordinary countryside. Enter Dr. Letitia Hellion, founder of I.N.S.A.N.E, who whisks Piper away to 'a school for extraordinary children just like her'. As Piper gets used to having everything i.e; friends and enemies (Conrad Harrington III), she feels that she has a less desire to fly. Meanwhile, Conrad bullies Piper and tries to get her to fly (and get in trouble), the last straw being throwing her precious wooden bird into the trash to be incinerated. As Piper searches for her bird, she finds other extraordinary creatures and abandons her bird in order to try and save all these creatures. Horror clouds her mind as she finds that Dr.Hellion is the one who ordered these exotic creatures to be incinerated. She flies to Dr.Hellion's office and tries to contact her parents and is stopped by Conrad, who tells her that the telephone has been bugged. When Dr.Hellion walks into her office, Conrad covers for Piper and they both leave peacefully. After lights out, Piper goes to Conrad's room, where he tells her the truth about the institution and that they should escape. Piper refuses to escape without the other nine children to which Conrad grudgingly agrees. When they finally almost manage to escape with all the other children, they are caught and Piper owns up and is so thrown into M.O.L.D, where she is tortured and eventually becomes crippled. With the shock of failing for the first time in his life, Conrad is bedridden and loses all hope of ever leaving the place which had enslaved him for four years. When he realizes that Piper is the light he needs, he manages to go to school again, to find that Piper is broken and cannot fly. His brain suddenly whirs back into life and he draws up an escape plan and on realizing that Piper cannot leave, volunteers to stay back with her. Jasper (another kid who forgot his power) finally realizes that he can heal others and so heals Piper and brings back her memory. Piper decides that rather than escaping they can revolt, which was a success and they leave the facility. On exit, they find Dr.Letitia Hellion out to stop them. When she reveals that she too can fly and tells her story to Piper, she slips and falls onto the cold rocks below, ultimately dying. Piper and the rest of the children (except Conrad; he lives with Piper and her family as his own did not want him) then go back to their families and live happily.
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