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    the book Crash by Jerry Spinelli was great. it was a amzing story behind it i loved it!!!
    Over 4 years ago
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    By Jerry Spinelli
    Over 4 years ago
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    In the book “Crash”by Jerry Spinelli takes you into pennsylvania in the shoes of a bully. The main character are Crash Coogan a bully who plays sports,Penn Webb a boy who just moved in,Mike Deluca a friend of Crash who also bullies penn, Abby Crashes younger sister, and Jane Forbes who moved in after Penn. The plot is This book takes place in pennsylvania where bullies reside and where Penn is now living also,Crash notices that Penn has moved in the neighbourhood and he takes an instant disliking to Penn. What I like about the book is that it really explains of how the characters feel about other people. This is a quote to give you a taste of the story “You never know who’s going to come home first. Tonight it was mom. Before she even closed the front door,she kicked her shoes across the living room.”.This is great book that will make you want to read every page and the chapter are short so it’s not really a long time commitment. Each page will want you to keep reading more it has drama and sadness but also a good plot. Fun fact Jerry Spinelli is an award winning author and grew up in Pennsylvania.
    Over 4 years ago

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