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Grades 6 - 8Grades 3 - 5n/a4.942808

Fourteen-year-old Sarah Zorn intends to spend the Wisconsin summer with her “boyfriend” Curtis, waiting for a dead calf named Boris to decompose in time for the science fair. Her plans upend, however, when her fake-boyfriend strategy goes seriously awry just as her hippie Grandma Z invites her on a last-minute Roman holiday. As Sarah explores Italy’s ancient wonders, she can’t stop “boy-liking” Curtis . . . or puzzling over her grandmother’s odd behavior. Written as Sarah’s journal, this satisfying middle grade novel navigates the murky waters of first love, friendship, and family with heart and good humor.


Hardcover, 208 pages
Published on September 3, 2013 by HMH Books for Young Readers
ISBN-10: 0547625383
ISBN-13: 9780547625386
5 Book Reviews
  • bff4life
    bff4lifealmost 8 years
    I really want to read this book
    • rareman
      raremanalmost 8 years44 stars
      4 stars I thought it had oreos in it
      • maddyrocks13
        maddyrocks13about 8 years33 starsFeatured
        Heaven Is Paved With Oreos by Catherine Gilbert Murdock follows 14 year old Sarah Zorn as she goes on a trip to Rome. Rome is QUITE different from her hometown, Wisconsin, and she's away from her best friend "boyfriend" Curtis and her family. Sarah's in Rome with her Grandma Z, who's an adventure all on her own. Sometimes Sarah can't help but wonder what her Grandma is hiding.... This book is good for you if you like romance or tween novels. I enjoyed reading it and thought it was a very cute story. The only problem with this book, for me, was the writing style. Sarah's 14, yet the way she writes makes it seems like she's younger, 10 or 11. This gets a bit frustrating in some points. Check it out! :)
        • nancydrew963
          nancydrew963about 8 years11 starFeatured
          so this is not exactly the book that i would typically like, mostly because i like adventure books, but i think that in general is okay....the writing is decent, i guess, but it seems like sometimes the narrator is a 40-year-old-woman when she's really a teenager. some parts surprise me, because i expected it to be a tween book. it's about a girl names Sarah, whose best friend is Curtis. she comes up with a strategy to tell everyone that they're in a relationship when they really aren't so people will stop bothering them. her grandma Z invites her to a trip to rome, and she goes but a few days before she leaves she has a fight with Curtis. i won't spoil it, so just read it for yourself to find out what happens.....
          • borntoswim
            borntoswimabout 8 yearsFeatured
            This book is alright. If you like romance then you will like this book. I didn't realize this when I read it, but the other book by this author has the same characters. I don't think they have anything to do with each other though. The book is about a girl named Sarah,and a boy named Curtis. They are best friends but always get teased about it so they pretend they are fake-dating. Her Grandma Z is going to Italy, and invites Sarah along. In the beautiful city of Rome Sarah learns a little about life, and her grandmother.