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Grades 7 - 12Grades 2 - 12Z4.253041
When Seth Barham's best friend, Jimmy, is kicked off the baseball team, Seth must deal with both his feelings toward the fallen hero and the death of his father. By the author of On the Devil's Court.
Hardcover, 199 pages
Published on May 1, 1993 by Joy St Books
ISBN-10: 0316181668
ISBN-13: 9780316181662
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  • jameri1718
    jameri1718over 4 years55 starsFeatured
    How do you help your friends? What If telling on someone can save someone from dying. In the book heart of a champion by carl deuker, Jimmy and Andrew face challenges all through the book The setting is school, a baseball field and his home and it was in modern times. In this book, there are two protagonists named Jimmy and Andrew. The antagonist in the story is alcohol, it became an addiction. He was a really good athlete. Drinking it hard because if the coach found out he would suspended him from the team. His dad was a big drinker to so that was one of his main goals not to drink but he tried it once and it became a habit. One of the many conflicts were that Jimmy liked to go out and drink when he was sixteen with some of his teammates and after games they would always have parties. He would always have to drive home after and if you drink and drive you could get pulled over or you could really get hurt by getting in a car crash. The second of many conflicts was Jimmy's parents got divorced because Jimmy's dad was not nice to them and he was a big drinker and when he brought Jimmy to a baseball game he drank a lot and he drove home well he was drunk and got Jimmy and him in a car crash but they both survived that's why you don't drink and drive. Jimmy didn't like his father when he grew up but Jimmy followed his dad by being a big drinker and that was not a good choice. If you like baseball this is the book for you!
    • andcha
      andchaover 6 years
      The book I read was “Heart Of A Champion” by Carl Deuker and it was a really good book. Seth Barham and Jimmy Winter play baseball. Seth is the main protagonist in the book and he has a friend named Jimmy. Everyday they play baseball on the field at Henry Ford school. Seth’s dad was a golfer and he loved playing it, Seth loved playing baseball but some things happened with that. Seth and Jimmy had met a guy from college at the baseball field and he brought them to a little shack in the woods and asked them a few bad things. Later in the book Jimmy and Seth had tried out for a different team. They had both loved playing baseball but they didn't really get to play together on the field in games a lot. Later Jimmy had got a little mad with his stepfather and got frustrated with everything else. Their friend Tod asked them to go to a party and they had a competition of pool and if you lose Jimmy had to do some bad things not for young people like him. Do you think he will lose to Tod and mess everything up? Find out by reading the book “Heart Of A Champion.”