New grade. New friends. New worries? Introducing an irresistibly honest, relatable graphic novel about friendship, anxiety, and growing up–just right for fans of Real Friends and Guts!

Katie knows there’s stuff that makes her different. She’s homeschooled, she has freckles, and her teeth are really crooked. But none of these things matter to Kacey. They’re best friends forever—just like their necklaces say. But when they go to summer camp, Kacey starts acting weird. What happened to the “forever”? And when Katie gets home, she can’t stop worrying. About getting braces. About 6th grade. About friends. She knows tapping three times or opening and closing a drawer won’t make everything better . . . but sometimes it helps stop the worrying. Is something wrong with her? And will anyone want to be friends with her if they find out?

Hardcover, 256 pages
Published on May 3, 2022 by Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN-10: 0593301285
ISBN-13: 9780593301289
5 Book Reviews
  • galaxy1234
    galaxy12347 days55 stars
    that was awesome
    • foreverregancorn
      foreverregancorn10 days55 stars
      update the libray im getting it from is prossesing it this week yay cant wait to read
      • alphademon673
        alphademon67311 days55 stars
        I really want to read this book. Because I know how hard it is to try your hardest to be liked in this world. To feel like you're different. Uncool. Weird. But we're all different in some way. And there's no need to be ashamed of it! #Weareone
        • crystalwind13
          crystalwind1311 days44 stars
          I haven't read it yet, but sounds interesting.
          • foreverregancorn
            foreverregancorn18 days55 stars
            i just found out its a graphic novel, it made me pretty excited i cant wait to read it