Great Marvel Collection: Volume One (The Great Marvel Collection Book 1)

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The classic "Great Marvel" series by Roy Rockwood. These books tell the adventures of a genius inventor, Professor Amos Henderson and his two young assistants, Mark Sampson and Jack Darrowand. Their travels take them to the interior of the Earth and even a trip to Mars!

Their breakthroughs in technology drive the plots of the novels, placing them in a genre sometimes called "invention fiction" or "Edisonade." If you enjoyed the Tom Swift adventures, then you'll love these.

In this volume:
Book One: Through the Air to the North Pole (also known as The Wonderful Cruise of the Electric Monarch)--
In their first adventures together, Professor Henderson and the gang, build a unique flying airship called the Monarch They all visit the North Pole and experience danger and adventure!

Book Two: Under the Ocean to the South Pole (also known as The Strange Cruise of the Submarine Wonder)--
Professor Henderson and the gang build a sub-ocean craft, the Dolphin, that runs on a sea water mix. During their journey they do battle with giant sea monsters, pass through an ocean graveyard of sunken ships, and even discover an opening into the Hollow Earth!

Book Three: Five Thousand Miles Underground (also known as The Mystery of the Centre of the Earth)--
Deep below the earth, Professor Henderson and the gang, discover a lost race of giants and experience adventures involving murderous plants, strange and wonderous animals and even a treasure...

Book Four: Through Space to Mars (also known as The Longest Journey on Record)--
Professor Henderson and the gang build a rocket ship and travel to Mars! They end up in a war with Martians over a mysterious power source: Cardite.

Book Five: Lost on the Moon (also known as In Quest of the Field of Diamonds)--
Strange adventures involving a diamond field on the Earth's moon. Professor Henderson and the gang also discover a petrified city populated by petrified people. Can Henderson and friends make it back alive?

Book Six: On a Torn-Away World (Captives of the Great Earthquake)--
Professor Henderson and the gang travel to the far North hoping to find a rare plant that grows only in Alaska. But a frightful series of earthquakes cause a huge piece of the earth to be sheered away into outer space taking our adventurers along...

Full of intrigue and adventure, these classic novels are a must for adventure pulp literature fans!
Kindle Edition, 861 pages
Published on October 1, 2008 by ignacio hills press (TM)
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