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The world and his mistress are at Jay Gatsby’s party. But Gatsby stands apart from the crowd, isolated by a secret longing. In between sips of champagne his guests speculate about their mysterious host. Some say he’s a bootlegger. Others swear he was a German spy during the war. They lean in and whisper ‘he killed a man once’. Just where is Gatsby from and what is the obsession that drives him?
This edition of The Great Gatsby is the result of a unique collaboration between Tiffany & Co. and Vintage Classics. It is based on designs in the Tiffany &Co. archives from the twenties when F. Scott Fitzgerald’s talent, beauty and notorious lifestyle made him one of best known writers of the Jazz Age.
Published on July 8, 2004 by Demco Media
ISBN-10: 060634117X
ISBN-13: 9780606341172
9 Book Reviews
  • Gabe Itchesover 1 year
    Beautiful, classy and well written. The overused story of the elusive billionaire made into a dazzling series of events. However, underneath the mask of all things golden is a sad story of a rich man with a heart in ruins.
    • capry3
      capry3almost 4 years55 stars
      This was a sad and very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very interesting movie
      • goals
        goalsover 5 years
        For my literature class we were assigned to write a "Found" poem. This is where you only use words and phrases from a certain text. Ours was to be from the Great Gatsby and written on the topic of the American Dream. I would like to share what I came up with right here: I had a moment there before I realized. You can't repeat the past. Gatsby’s wonder when he first picked out the green light, to him the light was an extraordinary gift for hope. He could hardly fail to commensurate the greatest of all human dreams. His dream must have seemed so close. He knew he had a big future in front of him. He was very generous, people liked him when he smiled. But he was uneasy. What foul dust floated in the wake of his dreams. His heart was in a constant, turbulent riot. A doubt had occurred to him as to the quality of his present happiness. There must have been moments when his dreams tumbled short of his imagination. It was lonely. But life was beginning over again with the summer. I remember much later when he told me, His real name was James Gatz. As a little boy his parents were unsuccessful, So as a seventeen-year-old he had invented the meretricious Jay Gatsby. He turned out all right at the end. To me, he was a matter of infinite hope He had come a long way. James Gatz’s destiny eluded me then. Gatsby believed in the green light. He did not know that his dream was already somewhere back behind him. I had a moment there before I realized.
        • sunnyf
          sunnyfabout 6 years44 starsFeatured
          The Great Gatsby is personally too deep for me to understand and dissolve all of it. This story was based on the Jazz Age, when the rich and fabulous were having marvelous parties after World War I. I like Jordan Baker the most in this story, because even though she is cynical, I think she was wise and knew a lot of things. Daisy was the person I don’t admire the most. Although she was beautiful and men were infatuated by her, but I feel like she was just a pretty shell without a deep soul. Her desires weren’t realistic and she was greedy. However, she reminded me and taught me to not become someone that resembles her. I saw there are a lot of things that weren’t reveal. I learnt that the world is make up of greed, lies, and insidiously and undoubtedly, reality. It’s hard to face the truth that people are actually selfish creatures that often think about themselves. People are fickle, like plants, we often choose the way that benefit us the most. It might sound disappointed and dark, but sadly and truly, it’s the truth.
          • laurak
            laurakabout 6 years44 stars
            This is a very sad story of a man doing everything for a woman but she turned out not repaying back but escaping with another man. Gatsby is a man that's very rich, but no one knows or want to know his past, everyone went to his parties, wasted his money but doesn't pay back. Gatsby had always loved a girl called Daisy. He conducted so many parties, because he hoped that she would come once. Finally, they met, then fell in love again. But when Daisy's husband found out, and a bunch of irrelevant chaos happened, Daisy decided to deny their love and escape with her husband that she never loved. This story tells us that, people can be so cruel and selfish. They can ignore every kindness people do for them because of their deeds. Gatsby was murdered at the end because of a misunderstanding that Daisy caused, even thought she did that, but Gatsby was still waiting for her to call without losing faith. This also tells us that a person can love another so much that he can ignore everything she've done and still love her and have faith in her.
            • bunny14872
              bunny14872over 7 years22 stars
              Sadly this book did not live up to my expectations. While it was an easy read, it had a weird and depressing plot which over all left me a little confused. I definitely feel the book is rather about obsession than love. Sorry, to bash a classic but if I'm being honest it's not worth the hype.
              • goals
                goalsover 5 years
                Please tell that to my literature teacher LOL
              • kevbev100
                kevbev100over 7 years
                this book is realy awesome
                • kevbev100
                  kevbev100over 7 years
                  this is so cool how it all turned out in the end