Take a trip around the solar system and out beyond the stars with this comprehensive guide to the universe. From the big bang to the future of space travel, this book takes readers on an intergalactic journey of discovery.
Spiral-bound, 120 pages
Published on February 1, 2010 by QED Publishing
ISBN-10: 1848353308
ISBN-13: 9781848353305
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  • joaquin330714
    joaquin330714over 4 yearsFeatured
    In this book, you can learn about everything in the universe from the nebula's to the dwarf planets. If you decide to read this universal book you will learn about forces of the universe like gravity and black holes and their effects. You will also learn about the formation of the Milky Way and Asteroids. You can also learn about the giant stars and how long their fuel sustains them. I really liked this book. I thought this book was full of fascinating facts about the universe and the objects in it. The pictures had a lot of information attached to them along with the big words and helpful diagrams. I super highly recommend that you read this amazing book about the space.