Godzilla Saves America: A Monster Showdown in 3-D!: (Includes punch-out 3-D glasses)

Illustrated in full color. Godzilla lives, and he's coming to America! Hold on to your special 3-D Godzilla Glasses, because you won't believe your eyes. Drawn in big, bold colors, this picture book features the latest in 3-D technology, allowing the gargantuan Godzilla to leap right off the page. Godzilla fans are in for a treat as they watch him battle Ghidorah, a three-headed dragon from outer space. No place in America is safe from this space monster. Godzilla must trek all across America--from the Golden Gate Bridge to Mount Rushmore to a quick shower under Niagara Falls--in search of the demolition dragon. Finally, they meet up in a mega-monster showdown set in New York City's concrete canyons.
Hardcover, 1 pages
Published on October 29, 1996 by Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN-10: 0679880798
ISBN-13: 9780679880790
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