Girls Acting Catty (Annabelle Unleashed)

Book 2 of 4 in the Annabelle Unleashed Series
Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grade 5n/a4.237072

What's harder to deal with than a group of boys who act like dogs? How about a clique of catty mean girls? Annabelle has just figured out how to survive in junior high school. She's made great friends, her teachers are nice, and she's got lots of tricks up her sleeve for taming those pesky boys. But now she and her friends must confront a whole new brand of headache-- the mean girl clique. At first Taylor and her friends were out to get Annabelle's bff Rachel, but soon the whole group is involved. Their friendship is getting tenser by the minute -- unless Annabelle can save the day again?

Paperback, 179 pages
Published on September 28, 2010 by Bloomsbury USA Childrens
ISBN-10: 1599905205
ISBN-13: 9781599905204
18 Book Reviews
  • melpell1617
    melpell1617over 6 years55 stars
    Have you ever had to deal with a bunch immature boys who thought they knew everything? In the book Girls Acting Catty by Leslie Margolis, Annabelle, the protagonist, has to figure out how to deal with teasing boys and convince them that she isn’t the ordinary girl that they can push around and make fun of. She also has to compromise with a group of mean girls. On top of all that her mom is getting married and she has a crush on her soon to be step brother. This story of middle school drama.The setting takes place at school and in Annabelle’s house in a time much like the present. This is a conflict, the antagonist is Taylor, the leader of the mean girls. This is the other conflict, Annabelle comes up with a plan to become friends with the girl who makes fun of her and stop all the humiliation. When Annabelle leaks secrets about her friends, they don’t want anything more to do with her. The turning point is at her mother’s wedding, Annabelle makes up with her friends and they take up where they left off. I recommend the book to 5th graders girls and up.
    • maddyp18
      maddyp18over 7 years55 stars
      I loved this book so much!!! It is an awesome realistic fiction book. Its message is probably "appreciate who you are". My favorite character is Annabelle because she is so kind, and loving. It was a very funny story to read. Here is a short description of this story… Annabelle is in a group of friends. They are Rachel, Emma, Yumi, and Claire. But Taylor and her friends are bothering them, and being mean to them. Then, at thanksgiving Annabelle realizes that maybe Taylor is not so bad after all. Now she has to choose, Rachel, or Taylor? This book is a "must read". I hope you like it!!!!!!
      • pokemonofdbz47
        pokemonofdbz47about 8 years
        i a like totaal want this book NOT!!!!
        • kdenormandie31
          kdenormandie31about 8 years
          i love this book even thoe i havent read it how do you read it any body have information.
          • i love this booabout 8 years
            this book is so cool
            • jenny1214
              jenny1214about 8 years55 stars
              so true and loved the book because tells you about true stuff
              • girfriend
                girfriendover 9 years44 stars
                It was good. I enjoy her work. Not the best book ever, but it deserves a review. It had good humor although, some of it was cheesy. It was good. It was good.
                • imdabomb
                  imdabombalmost 10 years44 stars
                  This is a pretty good book. So Annabelle's mom and her mom's boyfriend are engaged, and Annabelle meets her "incredibly hot" step-brother: Jason. When she's at Dweeble's friends house she meets Taylor one of the popular girls at school, and she immediately is friends with Taylor. But things are going bad when Annabelle is friends with Taylor, because now her friends are wondering why she's hanging out with Taylor. In the end, Annabelle finally realizes who her "true" friends are.
                  • spark
                    sparkover 10 years
                    This is a really great book. It is really funny. I recommend this book to every one. So read it! :D
                    • ilikepie
                      ilikepiealmost 11 years44 stars
                      This book is the second book after Boys are Dogs and it's about the girl acting all shy and having, well cat behavior! She s hanging with her friends and going around, until she meet's her new dad's son (she calls dad Dweeble because his last name is Weeble and he is a dweeb) who looks nothing like him! He is hot but wayyyyyy to old for her. She also finds out who her true friends are...