Ghost: Prologue (SAS Modern Warfare Book 1)

2018; following the collapse of the Euro, the world is gripped by a deep economic depression. The United States & her NATO allies are forced to make drastic military cuts as their forces are stretched to breaking point fighting the Islamic State in the Middle-East & Afghanistan. An increasingly belligerent & bellicose Russia seizes her opportunity, and annexes her neighbours in Ukraine, the Baltic States, and Georgia.

In Odessa, General Zhukov orders an elite team of Russian Spetsnaz special forces to escort a nuclear warhead aboard a container ship, its target; the US fleet at anchor close to Washington D.C.

Following a routine blockade Stop & Search, a British team of SAS tier-one operators are ambushed by the Spetsnaz. The Regiment’s most elite sniper: Ghost, is missing in action.

NATO command orders Captain Anna Winter, OIC of Bravo Seven Troop, and the first and only woman to pass the notorious SAS Selection, to carry out a second assault on the boat, neutralise the nuke, and determine the fate of Ghost and his team.

GHOST: PROLOGUE is part 1 in the Ghost: Modern Warfare Trilogy.
Kindle Edition, 208 pages
Published on February 15, 2015 by NYXZU Digital Press
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