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Grades 4 - 8Grades 1 - 4M3.13318
What’s a guy gotta do to get some freckles? This perennial bestselling favorite from Judy Blume has a fresh new look!

More than anything in the world, Andrew Marcus wants freckles. His classmate Nicky has freckles—they cover his face, his ears, and the whole back of his neck. But when Andrew asks Nicky where he got them, Nicky just says he was born with them. Some help he is!

That’s when Sharon offers Andrew her secret freckle juice recipe—for fifty cents, she promises, Andrew can look just like Nicky. His freckleless days are over! He rushes home to whip up the concoction. Grape juice, vinegar, mustard…

But what starts out as a simple freckle juice recipe quickly turns into something disastrous. Andrew is still determined to get his freckles, and to show that pesky Sharon that she doesn’t know everything—and he has the perfect solution! Or does he?
Hardcover, 64 pages
Published on June 3, 2014 by Atheneum Books for Young Readers
ISBN-10: 1481411039
ISBN-13: 9781481411035
13 Book Reviews
  • buvulotibe
    buvulotibeover 4 years
    This book is sad and funny. It is sad because a kid feels kind of left out.
    • ejvarga
      ejvargaover 6 years
      This book is short but good but gross. A mush of everything together!
      • grindtime
        grindtimealmost 7 years55 stars
        short and simple. its a quick-read that will make you ask yourself lots of questions... its kinda weird but its not all that bad compared to other books ive read. hahha
        • jake565
          jake565almost 7 years
          • Victor almost 7 years
            Freckle juice is touts awesome right
            • lexismithalmost 7 years
              the book was amazing
              • lexismithalmost 7 years
                it was kinda gross but I love the book my parents said it was gross to my life is so rowen because I read that book
                • ejvarga
                  ejvargaalmost 7 years
                  This book is short but good but gross.
                  • blackbird4
                    blackbird4almost 7 years
                    it was kinda gross because he mixes things together and it wasn't that happy for me it was very weird in a good way
                    • baseballguy4
                      baseballguy4almost 7 years33 stars
                      this book is pretty funny but also disguisting