Maisie Fernandez is fed up. Fed up with the bullies who taunt her about her size and her looks. Fed up with being the butt of everyone's jokes.

So, one night, Maisie goes online and creates a fake profile. "Sienna" is beautiful, skinny, and confident -- and soon she's messaging the most popular kids in Maisie's school. Maisie doesn't care about being friends with them. She wants to use Sienna to take them down.

But as Maisie's web of deception grows, she's in danger of being exposed. And what will happen when the actual Sienna -- the girl whose photos Maisie has been using -- shows up in real life?
Paperback, 304 pages
Published on October 1, 2019 by Point
ISBN-10: 133823949X
ISBN-13: 9781338239492
1 Book Review
  • blythem
    blythemSunday, November 17, 2019 at 6:42 pm44 stars
    This book is very awesomely good, because especially for people who feel alone, or fat, or just not yourself, there is another person you can share your feelings with somebody you meet in this book. That is why you should read this book, and is not just about that...