In a dramatic rendition of the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus, author Randy Alcorn and artist Javier Saltares take readers into the realm of first-century Jerusalem and then two very different eternal realms. Eternity is a graphic novel.

Paperback, 120 pages
Published on June 15, 2013 by Kingstone Media
ISBN-10: 1936164256
ISBN-13: 9781936164257
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  • evaizabooknerd
    evaizabooknerdover 4 years
    There was a rich man who had everything. There was a poor man who had nothing. But it was really reversed. The poor man had everything and the rich man had nothing. Phineas, also known as Dives (latin for rich man), had everything you could ask for. Feasts, fortune, servants, power. Lazarus, nothing but a beggar man who sits outside the gates of Dives estate, has nothing. No food, fortune, servants or power. But not everything is as it seems. You see, Lazarus has something Dives does not, faith in God's son, Jesus. So, when Dives suddenly dies of poison, he goes to a place where God intended no mortal man to go; Hell. Soon after, Lazarus dies of old age. He goes to Heaven, where he meets Jesus, whom he saw preaching on the streets just weeks before. It seems the fortunes have switched. The evil Dives is terrified, while faithful Lazarus is in complete luxury. Both are getting what they deserve. This Randy Alcorn graphic novel, based only on Luke 16:19-31, is truly an amazing read. With an easy to understand storyline amazing pictures ETERNITY really glorifies God, this is a rare read. It makes you think, where will you go for ETERNITY?