Enemy in the Fort (American Girl History Mysteries)

In 1754, with her own parents taken captive, twelve-year-old Rebecca must confront her fear and hatred of the Abenaki when a boy raised by members of that tribe is brought to the fort at Charleston, New Hampshire, just before a series of thefts occurs.
Paperback, 163 pages
Published on September 1, 2001 by American Girl
ISBN-10: 1584853069
ISBN-13: 9781584853060
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  • goodbookgirl
    goodbookgirlFriday, February 19, 2021 at 9:03 amFeatured
    This book is about Rebecca Percy & her younger sister, Selinda. One night, in 1752, Rebecca is awakened by a noise outside. Her parents were awake too. They soon realized the noise was Indians, & Rebecca & Selinda had to hide in the cellar. They listened as the Indians trashed their home & took Mama, Papa, & baby Benjamin captive! Just before Rebecca & Selinda barely escape, the Indians burn their home. But later, the girls are rescued by Captain Stevens & brought to Fort Number 4---where they will be safe. They stay with Widow Tyler, the kind elderly woman who lives in the fort. Two years later, in 1754, Captain Stevens & some other men bring a white captive back to the fort. Rebecca doesn't expect it to happen, but Isaac ends up staying with HER. He can't even speak English---or can he? Although it's different having Isaac in the house, she still needs to figure out a way to free her sister from a contract she sighed to Mrs. Cutter, who's moving to Connecticut & wants Selinda to come with her. As she looks for a way to save her sister, mysterious thefts take place, & Isaac is the prime suspect. But as the thefts get worse, she finally learns the truth about him---& she comes up with a plan to save Selinda. Please read to learn more. It is a good book & a cliffhanging mystery.