Emma Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice (Cupcake Diaries)

Book 15 of 30 in the Cupcake Diaries
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Grades 4 - 8Grade 5n/a4.424667
Emma puts her big sister skills—and her bravery—to the test when her brother has to stay in the hospital.

Emma’s younger brother Jake has been getting sore throats for quite a while. When her parents take him to the doctor, their suspicions are confirmed: Jake needs to get his tonsils out. The Cupcake Club rallies around Jake, and even bakes him a special batch of cupcakes to make him feel better. Emma feels bad for him, but wants to stay as far away from hospitals as possible—she’s a bit squeamish and gets woozy at the sight of blood. But Jake throws a fit the day of his operation and says he only wants “Emmy” to stay with him. Emma’s mom tells her she doesn’t have to stay, but Emma realizes Jake isn’t faking; he’s really scared. Can Emma get over her own fears in order to help her little brother?
Paperback, 160 pages
Published on August 20, 2013 by Simon Spotlight
ISBN-10: 1442474815
ISBN-13: 9781442474819
2 Book Reviews
  • pandacub
    pandacubover 1 year44 stars
    This was a good book. Emma's little brother is getting his tonsils out. HE REALLY DOES NOT WANT TO! Emma wants a job modeling at the hospital. But the problem with that is... Emma faints at the sight of blood. Well she decides to quit the modeling job. But then when her little brother has to go to the hospital to get his tonsils out he will only go if Emma goes. A problem, right? So Emma has to face her fear and go.
    • ccswishingstar
      ccswishingstarabout 2 years44 stars
      Emma's younger brother, Jake, gets tonsillitis, her friends, the Cupcake Club, spoil him with special cupcakes that were made just for him. But Jake is feeling so miserable when he is sick that he makes Emma miserable too. To make things worse, Emma can't stand seeing blood and gets squeamish around hospitals, but Jake wants Emma to stay by his side. Can she conquer her fears to help her brother?