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Grades 9 - 12Grade 10n/a9.3155887
Emma Woodhouse has just attended the wedding of Miss Taylor, her friend and former governess, to Mr. Weston. Having introduced them, Emma takes credit for their marriage, and decides that she likes matchmaking. After she returns home to Hartfield with her father, Emma forges ahead with her new interest against the advice of her sister's brother-in-law, Mr. Knightley, and tries to match her new friend Harriet Smith to Mr. Elton, the local vicar. First, Emma must persuade Harriet to refuse the marriage proposal from Robert Martin, a respectable, educated, and well-spoken young farmer, which Harriet does against her own wishes.
Hardcover, 464 pages
Published on September 16, 1999 by Oxford University Press
ISBN-10: 0192100300
ISBN-13: 9780192100306
6 Book Reviews
  • applemango
    applemangoalmost 2 years55 stars
    Emma by Jane Austen is a story full of fallacies. Misunderstandings occur causing tortuous relationships and weeping. The story is about Emma, a resident at Highbury who has high status because of her wealth and beauty. Making the match between Miss Taylor, her governess, and Mr. Weston, Emma thinks it proves her an adequate person for matchmaking. Emma soon after finds it as her duty to get her friend Harriet Smith a partner. Harriet is fond of Mr. Robert Martin, a respectable farmer. However, when Mr. Martin proposes to Harriet, Emma strongly disapproves. Instead, Emma seeks out Mr. Elton. This plan goes chaotically awry when Mr. Elton declares his love for Emma. Emma is shocked, realizing that his words are sugar-coated only to win over her fortune. Devastated, Emma puts down her matchmaking hopes, however, not entirely giving upon them. On the acquaintance with Mr. Frank Churchill, Emma thinks him to be a reputable gentleman. Emma doesn’t succeed in her predictions and comes across her true fate which holds many joyous laughs and twisted turns.
    • lemonade11
      lemonade11over 5 years
      This is such a good book ! I recommend this book to anyone who loved Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Northanger Abbey.
      • bigmelo
        bigmeloover 7 years55 starsFeatured
        Are you a meticulous reader? If so, then check this book out of the library! Emma, written by the brilliant Jane Austen, introduces you to Emma Woodhouse, an audacious young woman with aspiring plans for the future. She lives on the estate of Highbury with her father, & still hasn't had any marriage arrangements. Emma doesn't really have many friends, let alone associates, except for Mr. George Knightley, a gentleman-like neighbor who is her only critic. Seeing as she found her governess a proper husband, Emma decides that she rather enjoys matchmaking, even if she isn't married herself. But as more characters, such as the charming Frank Churchill, or the innocent Jane Fairfax come into the picture, Emma is swept up in a complicated romance feud; wondering if she can ever end what she originally started to begin with. Want to know what happens? Read this incredible novel to find out!
        • msconlinsclass
          Ms. Rinehimerover 7 years55 stars
          So far, I am loving this book! It is very interesting and truly explains the true me! I absolutely love this book!
          • msconlinsclass
            Ms. Rinehimerover 7 years55 stars
            So far, I am loving this book! It is very interesting and it really explains the true me!
            • dudu123
              dudu123over 9 years
              so nice