Dude Diary 3.0 Write Stuff, Draw Random Things, Destroy If Needed

DUDE Diary versions 1 and 2 just weren't enough for non-diary keeping dudes everywhere. So DUDE Diary is back by popular demand and 3.0 is oozing at the seams with more of the awesome and absurd. As always, this epic non-diary can be kept safe behind lock and key and KEEP OUT tape."
Published on November 2, 2012 by Fine Print Publishing
ISBN-10: 1892951622
ISBN-13: 9781892951625
3 Book Reviews
  • lokidaftr88
    lokidaftr88over 5 years55 stars
    i do not have it yet. :\
    • lokidaftr88
      lokidaftr88over 5 years55 stars
      my uncle ordered the book but he does not know whens the shipping
      • ana20
        ana20almost 8 years33 stars
        i really want to read this book so that i cant can get more points but every time i put in my code its not going true