Dolphins at Daybreak (Magic Tree House)

Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades K - 3Grades 1 - 4M3.14663
Morgan le Fay will make Jack and Annie masters of the tree house if only
they can solve four riddles -- which will take four books, of course!
"Dolphins at Daybreak" begins the third set of four books in this magical
(and increasingly popular) series! Jack and Annie are off in the Magic Tree
House again, this time to a whole new world under the ocean. Complete with a
giant octopus, a hungry shark, and dolphins to the rescue, this Magic Tree
House book delivers an underwater adventure kids can dream about.
Paperback, 67 pages
Published on April 29, 1997 by Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN-10: 067988338X
ISBN-13: 9780679883388
10 Book Reviews
  • dolphinqueen18
    dolphinqueen18over 1 year55 stars
    GREAT! Love the series, awesome book! I love dolphins so I had to read this! Be sure to read all the books, there are so many!!
    • adino123
      adino123about 2 years55 stars
      Jack and Annie go on so many amazing adventures. This book was full of fun adventures. I really wish I could become friends with dolphins like Jack and Annie.
      • bookfan2008
        bookfan2008over 2 years33 stars
        Jack and Annie get whisked too the middle of the ocean! Uh oh! They are not sure how to get out! Luckily, the find a sumbarine that can help! Good?! NO! At that area they also see they meet an octopus and a VERY hungry shark! Now what! Can the dolphins help or are they the sharks food? Read this book to find out!
        • bull955
          bull955almost 4 years33 stars
          I like to read my books over and over again and again. At first I thought of something,why not bring this book to read at the beach.If you like mystery books you should read the magic tree house!!!!
          • Zulemaalmost 4 years
            Have you ever read the Magic Tree House? So if you haven't you should read it because it is a good book to read. The characters are Jack, Annie and Peanut which is Morgan le Fay. The settings is in the magic tree house and mostly everywhere. In the dolphin one, they need to find four things to free Morgan le Fay out of the spell. In my opinion, it is a great book to read because you can listen to music in the beginning and at the end to. My other reason is it’s an exciting book. Also, the book helped you learned facts from the olden time. You should read the Magic Tree House because it shows you all about adventures!!
            • vieweinover 5 years
              This Book is incredible for my 6 year old she loves it. I highly suggest reading it!!
              • phoebet
                phoebetover 6 years
                I love dolphins and I like this
                • nandab
                  nandabover 7 years33 stars
                  Why I liked it because Jack and Annie go under water and its butiful
                  • gracek
                    gracekalmost 8 years11 star
                    I did not like it because it did not use good juicy words it was like "the cat jumped over the fence'"
                    • sarah181
                      sarah181almost 10 years44 stars
                      I liked it, it was really good.