Diary of a Wimpy Substitute Teacher

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My book is a glimpse into the ugly reality of what is really happening in public school classrooms around America. This true story about my time as a substitute teacher in an urban school district in the south eastern part of the United States is stranger than fiction. The public school districts in the south are falling apart and it is not because of the teachers, or money flow, they can only do so much, most of these children are abandoned days at a time while their mother is out trying to score and their father is in jail, it is a hard learning environment for the children that actually want to get a free education, because the majority of kids do not know how to act. Their only father figure impression comes from watching Kevin Harts' new stand up comedy routine. Most of my time as a substitute was in an alternative school, where all the students had already been expelled from their zone public school. This was their last chance before being sent to juvenile detention, prison or worse, the cemetery.

I am not without faults. I am a product of the same schools these kids are now attending, however I feel it has become exponentially worse. Anyone can become a substitute teacher, even a drunk, pot head like myself, but these kids ruined my high so bad I do not even smoke pot anymore.

My favorite student, who I met outside of class in a weird situation was murdered. His life has influenced mine and I hope that the realness of this story can help someone who is struggling turn their life around. A portion of my earnings will go to his family, so please read my book, it is only a dollar-fifty. Thank you and let me know what you think, please email me, kjg0623@gmail.com
Kindle Edition, 93 pages
Published on July 21, 2014 by Pug Dog Publishing
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