Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth / Cabin Fever / The Third Wheel / Hard Luck

Books five through eight in the bestselling Diary of a Wimpy Kid series are now available together in a collectible boxed set. Included are The Ugly Truth, Cabin Fever, The Third Wheel, and Hard Luck, all in a specially designed package.
Hardcover, 896 pages
Published on October 7, 2014 by Harry N. Abrams
ISBN-10: 1419715089
ISBN-13: 9781419715082
15 Book Reviews
  • ashdog3131
    ashdog31315 months55 stars
    I read all the series If u have not read these books u have to I love the whole sires on the hilarious diary if the whip kid! I love it soooo much if are a fan of comedy u will love this book!
    • anthonynguyen
      anthonynguyenalmost 4 years55 stars
      o cool a lot of diary of the wimpy kid books
      • a2z1to9
        a2z1to9over 4 years55 stars
        It is amazing
        • jayeshkc
          jayeshkcover 6 years55 stars
          This is the best book ever. It was a very great one. This is great for me to write a review.
          • targeted
            targetedalmost 7 years
            these are my favorite books of all time
            • redflower1975
              redflower1975almost 7 years
              it's one of my favorite series! i read the long haul already
              • targeted
                targetedalmost 7 years
                for me it is the best by far
              • basilr
                basilralmost 7 years
                Those books are cool.
                • jamari
                  jamarialmost 7 years
                  Ugh.we have to buy them to read them.
                  • noahwh
                    noahwhalmost 7 years
                    I read all of them.
                  • pandagirl444
                    pandagirl444almost 7 years
                    i think these books are funny and they are a kinda book I wouldn't leave in the basement in the dust and I actually have the whole collection! xD