David Walliams Collection 2 Books Set (The Beast of Buckingham Palace [Hardcover], Blob)

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David Walliams Collection 2 Books Set:

The Beast of Buckingham Palace [Hardcover]:
It is 2120 and London is in ruins.The young Prince Alfred has never known a life outside Buckingham Palace - but when strange goings-on breach its walls and stalk the corridors in the dead of night, he is thrust into a world of mystery, adventure and monsters.And when his mother, the Queen, is dragged away to the Tower of London, Alfred must screw up his courage and battle to save her, himself... and the entire city.In a future of myths and legends, join the bestselling David Walliams and venture forth into his most enthralling tale yet!

This is the story of how a boy called Bob meets a blobfish fish called Blob...And so begins a funny and heartwarming story of a very unusual friendship - and some very strange animals. An astonishingly brilliant World Book Day Book from one of today's favourite children's authors.
ISBN-10: 9123926414
ISBN-13: 9789123926411
5 Book Reviews
  • donthavecovid19
    donthavecovid19about 1 year55 stars
    Really good 👍
    • ugyfreivdeycbyu
      ugyfreivdeycbyuover 1 year
      It's the best book in the history of the universe and David Walliams is my most favouritist author EVER!
      • rxtnycjtytvnyh
        rxtnycjtytvnyhover 1 year55 stars
        This book is AMAZING! David Walliams is a brilliant author and he is my favourite writer! By the way the book is so good you should check it out!
        • jujuonthatbeat
          jujuonthatbeatover 1 year55 stars
          it is one of those books that once you start you cant stop .it is very addicting
          • rxtnycjtytvnyh
            rxtnycjtytvnyhover 1 year55 stars
            Which one? My favourite is the beast of Buckingham palace it is AMAZING!