The history of Cuba in 61 pages with illustrations, complete with the spanish translation on each page. "An essential document to educate our children and future generations on our beautiful culture and history." --Andy Garcia "This book with be liked by children and adults alike. It's a beautiful way to keep Cuba and its history alive in the hearts of our children." --Gloria Estefan "Wonderful idea! This book is a great tool for teaching our kids about the richness, strength and beauty of our culture. It is a sweet remainder of the importance of Cuban history..." -Jon Secada "This is a book that will be essential for the new generations of Cuban-Americans who, for one reason or another, were not able to know the island of their ancestors, but it is vital that they learn its history and that they never forget their Cuban roots." --Celia Cruz
Hardcover, 62 pages
ISBN-10: 0970631901
ISBN-13: 9780970631909
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  • mrsazel
    Mrs. AzelWednesday, January 11, 2012 at 8:50 am
    Tells us about the history of Cuba. Pretty cool. Kids only!!!!