Ancient places such as castles are filled with histories, sometimes bloody and gruesome, but always fascinating. And the 11 dark places explored in this title are sure to chill young readers imaginations. For example, at Chillingham Castle in England, theyll meet John Sage, who tortured up to 50 prisoners a week. He had a tilted floor in his torture chamber, so the victims blood could easily drain away. John boiled some prisoners in pots and locked others away in cages with starving rats. This nonfiction narrative of evil deeds and unfortunate incidents in ancient structures, all of which are said to be haunted, will engage even the most reluctant readers. Creepy Castles is part of Bearports Scary Places series.
Library Binding, 32 pages
Published on January 1, 2008 by Bearport Publishing
ISBN-10: 159716576X
ISBN-13: 9781597165761
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  • ramdomperson23
    ramdomperson23about 3 years
    you should read this story because its a scary story it has some and all kids love scary things here and there